• Floor standing units are easy to clean and maintain
  • A highly efficient fan design, its wide airflow distribution ensures even temperature distribution
  • Weekly timer allows you to plan your usage, helping you save on your power bills


  • Easy to install
  • Light and compact




Floor Standing

Cooling Capacity: 24 000-240 000 Btu/h

Cooling Only and Heat Pump

Fashionable Design

Available in T1 & T3

Rotary / Scroll or Inverter Compressor

Turbo mode

This function can boost cooling or heating spead in a short period, and makes the room cool down or heat up rapidly.Turbo

Floor Ceiling

Cooling Capacity: 18 000-60 000 Btu/h

Cooling Only and Heat Pump

Universal Parts for Whole Series

Easy Maintenance

More than 60% parts and assemblies (such as fan wheel, plastic cases, metal parts and etc.) are universal for 3 different bodies, which makes the production and maintenance much easier.


Cooling Capacity: 12 000-60 000 Btu/h

Cooling Only and Heat Pump

High Static Pressure Duct Desig

Available in T1 & T3

Multi Channel Air Distribution

The units are suitable for different room types, its multi channel air distributions give you comfort at every corner.

Long Pipe and Large Height Difference


Cooling Capacity: 12 000-60 000 Btu/h

Cooling Only and Heat Pump

Super Slim Design and 360° Air Outlet Panel

Available in T1 & T3

360° Air Flow Panel

With the 360° air flow panel, the air can be distributed to every corner of the room.

Lifting Easy-Clean Panel

The removable lifting panel can be lifted down for max 4 meters, making the clean process much easier.

Air Curtain

Available from 90 to 180 cm

Westpoint Air Curtains may be used in places where there is a need to create an invisible barrier to control temperature.

Such as preventing loss of cool air during cooling and warm air during heating.

Air curtains have other benefits such as blocking out exhaust fumes, smoke, odours and insects.