• Total no frost
  • Electronic control with LED display
  • Chilling compartment
  • Ice maker on door lining
  • Interior LED light
  • Water dispenser


  • Total no frost
  • Folio double doors
  • Electronic control with LCD display
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel handle optional
  • Multi-air flow
  • Super freezing and super cooling function
  • Automatic ice-maker
  • High temperature alarm
  •  Child lock mode
  • Vacation mode


  • Total no frost
  • Dual cycle and dual air-cooded refrigeration system
  • Highly moisture-retention technology
  • Electronic control with LCD display
  • Wide door shelf
  • Independent controlled variable temperature room
  • Automatic ice-maker

Top Mounted & Combi Nofrost

Westpoint Nofrost technology has an upgraded air duct and circulation system ensuring no-frost in the cooling and freezing compartments so the user does not have to manually defrost the refrigerator and food remains fresh.

Electronic control LED display

Electronic control to get more accurate temperature.


Integrated Water Dispenser

The water dispenser to always drink fresh water.

Side By Side

Multi-air flow

Multi-air flow design , air conditioning is more uniform.


Stainless steel handle

Top of the line stainless steel handle.


Spill-proof Shelves

The wholly plastic packaging technology can effectively prevent the liquid from seeping the convenient.

Integrated Ice Maker

3 ice-making mode: ice block, crushed ice and ice water.


French door

Highly Moisture-Retention Technology

Maximum humidity of French door refrigerator of Midea can reach to 80%, 50% higher than normal no-frost refrigerator, by the improvement of refrigeration system, the optimization of duct system and the combination with frequency conversion system.

Automatic Ice-making

Use Japanese water supply device with Ag+ filter block. It can automatically make pure ice cubes by just adding water.



Mute Slide Design

Drawer with metal guide can be pulled easily and mutely wihtout being stuck.





A large selection of Tropical Static Refrigerators.

Table Top | 1 Door | Top Mounted | Combi

Highly reliable.