Compagnie Française d’Etudes et d’Entreprises (CFEE) -WESTPOINT INTERNATIONAL is part of a family

Group established in Bordeaux (FRANCE) since the 18th century when

Bordeaux was one of the most important European Atlantic port.

Historically dealing in Shipping & International Trading, CFEE began

its WHITE GOODS activity in 1960, when it became the sole

distributor of the THOMSON-BRANDT French Group for Africa and

Middle East markets.

In the late 70’, THOMSON-BRANDT decided to concentrate its

development on the European market and dropped their “Tropical”


In 1978 CFEE officially bought from them the Tropical brand
“WESTPOINT” and since then it has been serving millions of homes
worldwide with its various range of Home Appliances and Air

Today WESTPOINT is a French global brand which is sold in over 85
countries, supplied from manufacturing facilities in over 20 countries
through state-of-the-art logistics and supply-chain systems.